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The Crypto Service Interoperability Layer (CrySIL) concept has been created to meet today's heterogeneous device landscape and allows the user to use her keys within cryptographic operations, regardless where the key resides and where it is needed.

In a nutshell, the user takes one of her devices and launches an application to perform some cryptographic task. The application interfaces with the interoperability layer, CrySIL, which connects to another device. This other device has access to the actual cryptographic primitive, creates and validate authentication challenges if required and performs the requested operation. The result is returned to the interoperability layer and back to the application running on the device of the user.

Please find below a list of publications having CrySIL somewhere in their scope.

Scientific Publications

Reimair F, Feichtner J, Ziegler D, Kreuzhuber S, Zefferer T. Cryptographic Service Providers in Current Device Landscapes: An Inconvenient Truth. In Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications. Vol. 4. Portugal: SciTePress. 2017. p. 367-374.

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Reimair F, Teufl P, Zefferer T. WebCrySIL - Web Cryptographic Service Interoperability Layer. In 11th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies. .2015. p. 35-44.

Student Publications

Florian Schober, Secure EtherPad Lite, Bachelor's Thesis, 2016

Stefan Gruber, JavaScript Web API for a Cryptographic Service Interoperability Layer, Bachelor's Thesis, 2015

Mark Bergmoser, Secure collaborative editing of shared documents on untrusted servers: Preventing a third party from reading your data, Master's Thesis, 2017

Bernd Prünster, Grið - Secure Information Exchange Based on an Inverted Trust Model, Master's Thesis, 2015

Daniel Anthofer, Skytrust Web Application, Bachelor's Thesis, 2015

Christian Kollmann, WebVPN, Bachelor's Thesis, 2015

Felix Hörandner, A Privacy-Preserving Identity Broker in the Cloud Employing Proxy Re-Encryption with Keys Managed by a CrySIL Service, Master's Thesis, 2016

Hubert Gasparitz, SkyTrust: Design and Security Analysis of a Flexible Cloud-Based Key Storage Solution, Master's Thesis, 2013

Thomas Nuschy, SkyTrust for Android, Bachelor's Thesis, 2014

Ralph Ankele, SkyTrust Single Sign-On, Bachelor's Thesis, 2013

Florian Burgstaller, Secure Cloud Password Manager (SPM), Master's Thesis, 2016

Christian Kollmann, Integrating Universal Second Factor Authentication into CrySIL, Master's Thesis, 2016

Technical Reports

Florian Reimair, Dynamic Key Usage Policies, Tech Report, 2016, (german only)

Florian Reimair, Emulation von fortgeschrittenen kryptografischen Protokollen, Tech Report, 2015, (german only)

Florian Reimair, Demonstrator IBE Schlüsselverwaltung, Tech Report, 2018, (german only)

Florian Reimair, Konsolidierung von Skytrust Werkzeugen, Tech Report, 2018, (german only)

Florian Reimair, Sichere Echtzeit Textkollaboration, Tech Report, 2017, (german only)

Florian Reimair, Rich End-to-End Verschluesselung, Tech Report, 2017, (german only)

Johannes Feichtner, Browser-Plugin zur Interaktion mit Skytrust, Tech Report, 2015, (german only)

Johannes Feichtner, Flexible Zweifaktor-Authentifizierung mit Fido, Tech Report, 2016, (german only)

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